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Candace Sams: The Other Review

The Candace Sams Affair: The archived version (OUTTAKE),

While most of the attention went to L.B. Taylor's review, the other 1 star review at the time by PBB went largely ignored by Sams  and others. While you can still see the remarks on there, I'm archiving this just in case it gets deleted in the future

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Uninteresting and mean spirited. BAD
October 31, 2009
I bought this book because I thought it would be fun and have a unique twist. It wasn't and didn't. The plot was very predictable and the characters routine and the contest a Mr. Universe type with talent added. The only unique thing about the guy was he was 7 foot tall and light green who turned dark green when he got upset - which supposedly he never did because he was so controlled. Ha! He kept turning green every 50 pages it seemed. That was it. That was the big alien difference. And the book was mean spirited. During the pageant one contestant was very thin, but although for his planet he was “considered at the height of fashion.” His posing thong fell down in the pose-off (and why didn't Sams explain how this stuff works for her readers who don't know the world of this type of contest?) and then he tripped trying to get off stage and had to half crawl off.  “What was visible before he disappeared wasn't worth mentioning; the Pleidian's package wasn't nothing to write home about.”  Everyone laughed. The next contestant was heavy and again, the end result was the being's humiliation and laughter. So in this book we laugh at fat guys and thin guys. Sheesh. And, if the contest was really about ‘Mr. Interstellar,’  then why wasn't there anything out of the ordinary for the contestants to do? But the worst of this book was the villain. He cuts out one of his testicles with a dirty knife and it becomes septic. Does this make you gag? It did me and then he goes around ill and psychotic for most of the book. This is a galaxy civilization and they don't know about antibiotics and sterile procedures? Right. Nothing in this book was fun, light hearted or a scientific fantasy. Bad, bad, bad. I will not be reading any more of Sams.

Initial post: Nov 29, 2009 4:43 PM
Niteflyr One  says:
This, apparently, is another 'hit-and-run' brand new reviewer who likes to take the power offered by Amazon and trash titles they cannot write themselves. As only one 'other' reviewer offering opinions about this book, they wanted the title to read 'their' way and when it didn't they made the comments they did. It might behoove them to understand that all romances will not read they way they think they should; romances should 'not' be cookie-cutters of one another. This has been the biggest complaint about romance on the whole - that they all sound alike. Apparently 'some' reviewers 'want' them to sound alike. When they don't, they aren't able to handle the material.
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In reply to an earlier post  on Dec 13, 2009 8:05 PM PST
Ridley  says:
Candace Sams Can't Handle Criticism. Take 2.

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Niteflyr One says:
If it makes you feel better to think that, sweetheart, then you think whatever you need to.

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