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Candace Sams Archive #3

The Candace Sams Affair: The archived version (Part 3),

Here's part 3 of the gripping saga of the 'Interstellar Feller' review!

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  Niteflyr One says:
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And now, Taylor brings out her psychologists. This is truly, truly sad. The immaturity of these individuals is only surpassed by their slanderous and libelous remarks. At this point, I believe that should be contacted about this attack. It is very much what I expected.

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  Michigangirl says:
No Ms. Sams, it's not mean to defend yourself and your book against an unjust attack.

It is mean to defend yourself by making statements with no evidence to back them up. Where exactly do you think that the reviewer has it out for the author? Did she, perhaps, rate all your books as bad? Did she state anywhere in her review that she'd never read the author again? Did she encourage other people to avoid the author? No. She encouraged people to avoid the book. That's a completely different issue.

Where do you get the idea that she was comparing this to other books? She stated her opinion on the book and stayed completely focused. Unless you're making a reference to your 5 star review from C. Roberts which takes the time to recommend other books. Perhaps that doesn't count, since the other books were also written by you?

I find it telling that the only time you talked directly to a person, despite the fact that L. B. Taylor was responding directly to you, was to Ridley.

Do you really think that the one or two negative reviews this book received is going to cause you to be dropped by your publisher? Or could it possibly be that your attitude in general when responding, that your insults not only to L. B. Taylor, which under the circumstances can be understood, but readers in general, calling people sophomoric, stating that they aren't 'well-read' enough, would have something to do with it?

You are treating your potential readers as people who can't figure out for themselves that a review might not reflect their own opinions. If you haven't written a book you're not good enough to be able to recommend or not recommend a book? You shouldn't leave under a four star review because telling someone that you didn't like a book is the same as getting a person fired?

You'll find that most people are willing to state their opinions because most people are intelligent enough, despite what you may think otherwise, to know that you don't have to like something because everyone else does, and just because everyone else doesn't like it, that doesn't mean that you are also going to dislike it.

You won't get dropped for getting a low rating on one book that you wrote, you'll get dropped by 'alienating' the real people you're writing to. And that's not your editor. Your editor wants you to write a book that those less-well-read sophomoric people out there who don't understand about writing a book because they haven't or are just so bad that they can't get published will read. These are the people who are spending the money that put the paycheck in your pocket.

The review system clearly shows the star rating as the following 1 star ""I hate it"" 2 stars "" I don't like it"" 3 stars ""It's okay"" 4 stars ""I like it"" 5 stars ""I love it"" no where does it say other people would love/like/hate. A review is a personal opinion on a book. It's given to let potential readers understand a person who is in the same situation as them, a reader who is looking for something out of a book, a good time, an emotional attachment, thought provoking moments etc, and what they feel they got out of it.

I have no doubt that I'll be added, in your mind, to L. B. Taylor's list of minions despite the fact that she has only responded politely to your comments and, in fact, has not bothered to add further comment since you repeatedly 'slammed her opinion' with your 'abuse of power' that you feel you have as a published author.

What difference does it make that you are the author in question? I found your posts to be degrading and insulting not only to L. B. Taylor but also to readers in general. I have no use for people who think they are better than everyone else because they have moved forward in a specific field. I looked into other books by Ms. Sams via your comment that L. B. Taylor had something against the author, assuming that she must have left negative feedback on other books. I admit that I was interested in reading the books that C. Roberts pointed out. They looked new, fun, interesting and entirely the type of book I'd be interested in. Unfortunately I also discovered that you, Niteflyr One were the author of those books. Your complete disrespect towards your potential readers has discouraged me from buying any of your books.

Quite frankly, I applaud L. B. Taylor's ability to stay polite and respectful while needlessly defending herself against your unsupported claims. I ask you, Niteflyr One, Ms Candace Sams, please, give examples of where L. B. Taylor has 'compared this book to other stories' where she has 'something personal against the author'.

You keep claiming that you are the one in the right. Prove it. You are being asked to defend yourself. You made the comments, show that they were correct, give examples, state sources. Your comments were made before L. B. Taylor even commented back to you, though I invite you to find something in her replies that also supports your claim.

Or please, just once again show how little respect you have for your readers by repeating unfounded and unproven accusations and addressing yourself to your 'Dear Readers'.

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  Niteflyr One says:
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And one more....truly...LB Taylor really 'cannot' take a critique of her own review. This is yet another example of how some folks' immaturity' extends to being unable or unwilling to allow anyone to defend themselves. It's a 'it's our way or the highway' system. I do not for one moment think that any of these folks are, as the above Taylor defense system cretin prescribes...""your readers"". Sadly, the cowardice rolls is amusing many except for those authors who are hurt by such infantile bashing....I am informed by a 'real' reader that you're selling more books than my promotion ever could do....please...bring it on....

And so...there you have it dear readers. Here's a run-through of the events of this experiment, for that's what all this was 'really' about. All I had to do was push the right buttons and the roaches came running out of the woodwork.

LB Taylor has bounced from page to page weilding review power with probably as many one ratings as she has anything else. It appears that some of her comments were so vitriolic in some instances that removed them at the authors'/readers' requests.

I decided to see what would happen if I posted a comment about her review and the other 'one' review my book received. True to form, both the reviewers who rated the book so poorly returned because it appears they were unable to accept criticsim of 'their' reviews. How ironic AND predictable. I, as the author, was apparently supposed to lie down and take what they'd written. I might have except for the following:

For some time now, I've been getting messages from more equitable reviewers, agents and editors that this person (Taylor) was 'known' in the industry for having some very angry, almost hateful opinions (if she ever thought about being an author, she and some of her cohorts can now give that dream up). Indeed, so many books have been rated 'one' by her that one might be inclined to wonder about her reading tastes. After all, if every second or third title she purchases rates a one...either her choices in reading material are exceedingly poor and she can't break that sad habit OR Taylor is working out some inner angst by abusing the power offers for rating authors.

When the reviewer (Taylor) could not keep the conversation between myself and her; discussing why she rated the way she did in a cogent, intelligent and calm manner, she apparently ran whining to a bevy of petulant children who then came back to defend her. Apparently, they can have opinions, others cannot. And their opinions must trump everyone else's. The 'discussion' if you can call it that became an attack where I, as the defending author, became a ""bellyacher"" and even ""insane"". I'd liken their collective attitude to Gestapo tactics, but I don't think anyone who left comments on the list on behalf of Taylor would know what I was talking about, let alone be able to spell it. One so-called defender of Taylor's hit-and-run tactics promised to never buy anything I've written. THANK YOU! Please don't EVER buy anything I've written. I write for equitable folks who are a little deeper than this...people who can accept that some reviewers 'need' to be questioned as to their strong-arm techniques. I asked readers who emailed me to stay out of the fray when they would have come to my defense, so that I would not appear the coward that Taylor has made of herself. The point of the entire experiment was this...It's so easy to hide anonymously behind the Internet and make nasty, snide comments about other people's work; work these individuals cannot do themselves, nor do they seem to have an inkling about the industry on the whole and what goes into writing a book. They could care less if authors, who usually make less than three figures a year off individual books, are harmed by these reviews. I could care less if anyone reads my title because I chose to draw Taylor out and expose her for the angry or even jealous sniper she apparently is. It may be that she has attempted to write a manuscript, along with some of her 'defense system', and could not do it. What's the next best thing? Attack those who can do something she/they cannot.

Now...I have received other less-than-complimentary comments about my books. I didn't care about them then and don't care about them now and didn't make any comment when those other reviewers rated my work poorly. Readers ('real' readers who love and understand the genre) are intelligent enough to make up their own minds about what they do and don't want to read. This time, however, I had some time on my hands and decided to see if one of these 'don't ever buy this' reviewers - someone who has rated books poorly on many, many instances - would have the guts to talk to me about why she rated the way she did and keep the discussion between us. Not only did she disappear, she ran to a blog to get her friends to come back and surround and cushion her against having to finally face an author who called her out. If that makes me (as one of her groupies called me) insane, then I'm as crazy as the day is long. For those of you who don't know...I was a police officer for almost ten years. I've been called things in languages from all over the world. Taylor and her webspinners hardly bother me. Taylor should be thanked....she made my point for me. She did it far better than I ever could have had she kept the discussion between us and spoke to me reasonably and calmly. She responded just as I thought one of these nasty little reviewers would...she ran, hid and called out her little army of nothing-better-to-do malcontents. What they didn't count on was what I knew would happen....readers had contacted me about the review...they came and bought out every book on this web page; every single copy that Amazon had. Taylor's and her cohorts' actions had the exact opposite effect they desired. You see.....
people don't like being told who or what to like. They'll make up their own minds. And if, as was the case in this instance, the reviewer gets too bold and too arrogant, kinder people tend to step forward if for no other reason than to stop or lessen the aggression toward the writer. Most decent folks don't like to see others railroaded. And this is not to say that Taylor didn't have every single right to review in any way she pleased. She certainly did! It was just that, when she wouldn't defend her review on a one-on-one basis and the posts got nastier and her support group got angrier and name-calling began...well....folks went and bought out my title in my defense. They are now standing in line to get copies.

Truly.....I'd rather they hadn't...I'd rather they'd bought the books because they thought they might like to read them, but that's what happened. There are some posts out there on the 'net tonight about some of the responders/defenders that Taylor needed to cushion her. I won't repeat some of the language here, but it got equally as nasty, in my defense. That's why I asked fans NOT to post here, but to contact me personally. There are always going to be people who think they can say what they want to; others died so for that right. I served my country so folks could have their say. It's when they won't let anyone ELSE have an opinion that the real trouble starts. Taylor's gripe-party wanted to shut me up in no uncertain terms.

So...make of all this silliness what you will....I'm 'insane' anyhow <g>...that's why three police departments hired me and why I work in the defense industry now.

All I ask is that if you're going to run down something someone else does, have the courage of your convictions to stand up, one-on-one and explain why you took the action you did; why you made the comments you did. Don't gripe, bitch and complain and then try to shut up anyone else's opinion to the contrary. That's not what this country is about. Bitch all you want...just don't get angry, defensive and infantile when someone doesn't feel like standing there and taking it. They don't have to. You see...the right to speak goes both ways. Okay?

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  John Green says:
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  Niteflyr One says:
Hello John - nice to meet you...

The book that was being reviewed was Electra Galaxy's Mr. Interstellar Feller (a police procedural, action-adventure space romance). It sold out because the reviewer and some of her blogging companions attacked the book and me in a public forum.

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