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Candace Sams Archive #2

The Candace Sams Affair: The archived version (Part 2),
Here's part 2- I'm having to put this in chunks because I can't post everything at once!

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 8, 2009 12:26 PM PST
  Doreen says:
I don't understand your comment that the review is a ""diatribe on a comparison of 'other' stories the reader liked"". Where does the reviewer mention any other authors or stories?
As for being caustic, your replies are coming across as such, not the reviewer's. If you are the author, I can understand it doesn't feel good to get a negative review but the reader who puts out their hard-earned money for the book is entitled to share their opinion.

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In reply to an earlier post on Dec 8, 2009 12:41 PM PST
  Niteflyr One says:

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Why does it matter? The remarks I have made remain valid either way. The reviewer, in her arrogance, insists that readers have 'been warned' as if his/her words are the standard for other's opinions; as if he/she has some better insight into whether or not others should read a book or not (in her case, her words are depriving someone else of making a living). You's quite easy to post messages as some hit-and-run reviewers do, then leave. They do not have to face any consequences whereas, the 'MANY' authors this reviewer has disparaged previously may have lost sales due to his/her words. one is walking into any place of business and telling this reviewer's boss that his/her work is substandard, and that one shouldn't do business with the reviewer.

In short, reviewer's of this ilk suffer nothing by their words. It might behoove readers to understand that reviewers such as the one above make such comments because of the intrinsic power they feel in doing so. They can adversely effect a sale and directly adversely impact an author's way to make a living.

Dear readers...if you cannot find sequels to novels that you've loved or if publishing companies in this economy disappear or if authors' future works cannot be might very well be because publishers, editors and agents visit these sights and read the reviews - yes even those given by angry malcontents - and these industry professionals weigh whether subsequent contracts should be offered to various authors.

Posters such as L.B. Taylor may have had the disparaging effect of altering publishing professional's opinions about whether or not to allow a particular author to continue making a living. Now...this hardly effects some would-be reviewers. They post carelessly and without any consequence for their actions. Taylor has done this many, many times to many authors - possibly effecting their ability to engage future publishing contracts. I beseach readers to 'make up your own minds' about any particular author's work regardless of Taylor's so-called, egregious and arrogant 'warning'. He/she may think their word is the end-all and be all of the writing world...all he/she has really done has been to bounce from site to site, posting messages that might have been worded more tactfully. Instead of using more professional and mature language such as 'this book wasn't for me' but 'perhaps someone else would like it'....he/she takes the egotistical stance that you cannot make an opinion for yourself and 'warns' you from reading a particular book. How kind of him/her. Perhaps he/she will be offering you advice to BURN books she doesn't like in future.

Again...she/he loses nothing whereas authors who've been subjected to this hit-and-run kind of posting may actually loose future contracts when business professionals view such comments. The comments become especially harmful when there aren't that many posted about a particular author's work. Now...any author can ask their readers to come and post 'over' Taylor's comments...indeed I perceive other authors have done this very thing when Taylor inflicted his/her words on their works...instead...Taylor, unable to take the same kind of criticism he/she inflicted (which is common for these hit-and-run reviewers) seems to have recruited 'help' to defend him/herself. The true mark of a coward.

But, alas, this is the nature of the hit-and-run review beast. I leave it to you - dear readers - to decide whether authors should be allowed to try and make a living...or if reviewers such as Taylor should be allowed to run amok across Amazon deciding who might or might not get another contract for new work.'s so so, so easy to post if one doesn't think they'll be held accountable. Quite another situation when one must face the consequences for what one said. It's easy to see that some would prefer to post whatever hurtful comments they'd like to make without having anyone contradict their actions. Authors are not obligated to lie back and take it. They are trying to make a have 'you' done 'for' someone today, Ms. Fisher? And what has Taylor done 'for' someone? Who else should defend work but the one who created it and why would you find such action surprising? Why not try thinking about the consequences of your actions before roaming the Internet and posting whatever you will, without thinking first? Your actions might keep someone from working...what do you suffer?

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  Niteflyr One says:

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As posted above...this is so very typical. The reviewer has seemingly engaged others to defend his/her negativity. And the less thoughtful among humanity keep appearing.......

NOTE TO READERS: authors leave themselves open for attack by having their work posted for sale...they hope that if there's anything engaging about the books, someone might say so. They hope that if others don't like the books, they will find a more tactful, professional and mature way to express themselves. They (the authors) hope that so-called reviewers (often shameful people who abuse the power Amazon provides) will not directly try to keep the author from making a living. Clearly, Taylor and others do not care if that is the ultimate consequence of their actions. Please peruse more professional reviewer comments; see how they handle themselves when they write about books they did not find engaging. You will hardly find them telling you to 'save your money' or 'warning' you about a particular author's books. Again...none of these other posters stands to lose a single thing...not a contract or a dime. They will go to work tomorrow sans consequence. Indeed, they can go sell a book they didn't like right beneath the book the authors are selling on Amazon - and thereby recoup some of their purchasing 'loss'. They can go sell it on Ebay for the purchase price and will have lost nothing. They can, and frequently do, go purchase the e-book version and sell it illegally...thus depriving the author or even more money.

It's easy to post when there are no consequences. I find it highly entertaining that critic mongers - such as Taylor - find themselves unable to take what he/she dishes out.

I wonder if others came in defense of the author, if those defenders would then be castigated by Taylor and his/her minions? But again...what you're seeing above, dear readers, is what happens when those who deliver criticism cannot then take it. All of us in the world see these people in our daily lives...we work around them...we sometimes have to live with them....this posting has become less about the book and more about Taylor and her minions' inability to deal with good, honest defense in the face of immature and harmful comments. As you, dear readers, would not go in 'their' workplaces and disparage them in front of their supervisors...I expect that you DO NOT attempt to contact any of these individuals and post on the 'behalf' of the work in question. It is pointless. You'll find yourself being inundated with Taylor's minions. Unable to keep the discussion on a one-on-one basis, Taylor trolled for supporters; again I leave it to you to judge such tactics.

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In reply to an earlier post on Dec 8, 2009 1:41 PM PST
  Ridley says:
There is no more unhelpful reviewer on all of Amazon than Harriet Klausner.

She never rates lower than a 4, botches her plot summaries and leaves off any meaningful discussion of strengths and weaknesses. I ignore her reviews as a matter of habit.

As for Niteflyr - you seem to be the one who can't handle criticism. LB has responded rather more respectfully to your thinly disguised attacks than you deserve. This review wouldn't have put me off your books, but your bellyaching and mean girl antics absolutely have.

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In reply to an earlier post on Dec 8, 2009 1:52 PM PST
  Niteflyr One says:

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No, Ridley....response in light of losing a contract and thereby a way to make a living isn't an inability to handle criticism. You, as the other poster, are rendering an emotional response based upon losing nothing.

The problem is immaturity and Taylor's inability to defend herself, it's based upon her drawing upon minions to do her work for her....that immaturity has been displayed by her review comments and in the successive posts coming to her defense...when she cannot or will not keep the discussion on a one-on-one basis.

I need not defend Harriet Klausner. She has been judged a no. one reviewer by 'readers'. And I suppose it 'does' become 'mean' to defend oneself. You are one of the posters who has nothing to lose....obviously Taylor and her ilk are still restless. There as no 'meanness' in her at all when she posted, was there? There was no bellyaching in her words at all when she 'warned' others about the title in question?

Yes...Taylor and her ilk still lurk. Unble to accept criticism in kind....they have come out of the woodwork...

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  Ridley says:
You're insane. Heads up.

No one owes you a living. Once you write a book for publication it's the reader's prerogative to like, dislike, recommend or warn people off the book. They don't need your permission to do so, and they owe your tender feelings nothing.

The purpose of Amazon's customer reviews is to help people shop. Honest evaluation is key for that to work.

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